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Our institute facilitates meeting of teachers and guardians every year once at the break of the session to asses the record of the performance of the concerned students. Parents must be ready to abide by the rules of our school if they wish to register the names of their children for admission. Please try a fortune of the edifice of ever growing speedy prosperity of the flowers to a home away from the homes


Games and Sports
“Sound mind in sound body”
It is too an inseparable part and parcel education. Needless to point out Swami Vivekananda emphasis with an urge to the students that participation in sports and Games is prelude for undertaking meditation on education. So books and balls are hand in gloves. To provide a rich infrastructure for games and sports, there is a privilege of wide specious playing field in front of the three storied building


“The real book in one who touches a man”

The purposive worth of a library is to highlight the galaxy of its quest with a rich fruition. The School has an enriched library will equipped with a variety of books on all subject and courses. This caters to the potential need of the student, every year magazines are published including collected materials of teachers and students. It has designed a good quipped properly catalogued a wide dimension reading room.



It has spared four halls to house laboratories. I.E. Physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. All laboratories are well furnished with require apparatus. Computer Laboratory runs with four deputed trained personnel. 


Cultural Activities

In addition to sports and games, there is provision of cultural activities so to say exerts tremendous magnetic effect on flowering students personality as an establish fact coming down from the posterity. Its function includes the celebration of national days, Jayanties of scholars and patriots and debating seminars on burning problems of the arena and essays competitions in Devnagari and Roman scripts. Successful candidates in such competitions are crowned to bag a variety of prizes and rewards.


Extra Coaching

Private coaching remains strictly banned. However the management takes paramount attentions to the weaker students of cope with standard of require improvement.


A great care is especially energized to ensure on the part of the student strictly to adhere the disciplines in all offenders are sternly dealt with sinister punishment including expulsion from the institution in proportion to the nature of offence.





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