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We owe a great pleasure to you in anticipation of embracing your good wishes blessing for the undertaken hazardous inception of the BAL VIDYA NIKETAN, Patel Nagar, Jehanabad   with the inheritance of lord Buddha’s (the light of Asia) attainment of enlightenment in the southern land of the Magadh 50 Km from Jehanabad. It was set up by DEO NAGINA WELFARE & CHARITABLE TRUST under the patronage of Dr. Anil Kumar Singh a devotee of the shrine of learning with the lofty peak of ideas of imparting the best model of the quality of education to all section, particularly the meritorious once coming down financially weaker from the family heritage. Our sole object is to instill in them integrity of the dignity of purity to come up in emboldened to face the blast of ugly realities of life and help them thrive and survive with a puritanical grip of the quality of head and heart to settle at the threshold of life with enthusiastic confidence and determination of view of the changing scenario of rapid advancement of science and technology and materialistic allurement. Therefore, it has been our best sincerest Endeavour to prepare a youth with nobel values of life.


Please do come and share our company for the uplift of normal mental and physical VIZ all round integrated development of the personality of individuality to kiss the bliss of a rich harvest of good fortune blessed with a smiling aurora of prosperity according to the father of the nation M.K.Gandhi.


“Without god nothing prospers”
Our main motto is granting education to student is to ensure a guarantee of successful



                                                 Thanking you with best of luck
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh                                                                       Dr. Usha Kumari
       Director                                                                                            Principal  


“One good school master is of more use than hundred priests”





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